Landfill garbage sorting equipment

Landfill garbage sorting equipment

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Brand Name︰Forcebel

Country of Origin︰Korea

Unit Price︰US $ 1100000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Dalian ForcebelEnvironmental Protection equipment Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with Korea Forcebel Co., Ltd., mainly produces international leading landfill waste efficient separation system and circular landfill reclamation system.  

1. The soil sand and non-combustible materials can be used as foundation materials, and the separated combustibles can produce SRF, to realize energy recycling. two。

2.The system can be customized according to the landfill composition of the country / region.

3. It has reliable recycling technology of Hu landfill.

4. Innovative technology is used to ensure the economy of reuse and energy recovery rate.

5. Minimize the impact of back-end treatment on the environment  such as landfill and buring,.

6. With more than 100 pieces of waste disposal performance in Japan.

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