Daylight press

Daylight press

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Product Description

        The flat plate vulcanizing machine  has two types, one is a new type, that is   cylinder up setting plate vulcanizing machine and the other is a conventional type, cylinder lower setting plate vulcanizing machine:

The characteristics of the cylinder up setting vulcanizing press are as follows:

1. A plurality of small oil cylinders are uniformly applied to the hot plate to ensure that the vulcanization pressure on the product during the vulcanization is uniform, and the vulcanization quality is much better than that of the conventional cylinder lower-type vulcanizing machine.

2. The pressure of the oil cylinder can realize the grouping control, so that the product width difference is relatively large, and the quality is still stable.

3. The reasonable hydraulic system is designed so that the installed area of the vulcanizing machine is only one-third of the conventional cylinder lower-type flat-plate vulcanizing machine, and the running cost is greatly saved.

4. The main machine is placed directly on the ground, so that it is not necessary to have a deep pit like the traditional cylinder lower-type flat-plate vulcanizing machine, so that the capital construction cost is greatly saved, and the field is clean.

5. The whole process is always maintained at the same level, and the operation is very convenient.

6. The daily maintenance is very convenient due to the reasonable design.

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