Two roll mill 26 inches

Two roll mill 26 inches

Model No.︰XK-660

Brand Name︰HUAHRI

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


1.The machine is used for raw rubber plasticating and mixing, warm-up or sheeting of rubber. It is a general equipment in rubber industry.

2. Supply contents:

2.1Main body (including the base , machine frame and rollers) 1 set                     

2.2 Nip adjusting device and safety device                               1 set

2.3. Universal Coupling                                                       1 set

2.4. Reducer and lubricating system                                  1 set

2.5. Lubrication system                                                     1 set

2.6. Roller temperature adjusting pipes                              1 set

2.7. Emergency stopping device                                         1 set

2.8. Main motor                                                                  1 set

2.9. Electric control system

3.Technical specification
3.1. Transmission direction                 right hand or user specified
3.2. Front roller form:                                 hollow roller
    back roller form:                                 hollow roller

3.3. roller size of                               Φ 660 × 2130mm
3.4. Front roller line speed                               30m/min

3.5. Roller speed ratio                                      1:1.24
3.6. Main motor rated power                           185kW/250
3.7.Nip adjusting device                          adjustable, by motor
3.8. Batch rubber capacity                       165kg (proportion 1.15)
3.10. size                                      6700×3400×2100mm
3.11. weight (excluding the main motor, electric control cabinet)    44t

4. Structure description

4.1 Simple design framework and easy to operate.Start running as soon as connecting wire and pipeline.

4.1 Rollers:they are made of chilled alloy cast, the surface hardness is HS70±2.Chilled thickness 8-15mm.

4.2The roller bearing is rolling bearing,Can save power 5-8%, bearing end use grease lubricating.Bearing ends seal  use no skeleton  seal,

4.3Roller bearing lubrication: grease lubrication, equipped with manual or motor driving grease pump;

4.4 The speed redducer is the hard-toothed reducer of Class 6 precision,which has long service life and low noise.

4.5 Bearing seat: after annealing using cast steel, processed, and lubricating oil hole;

4.6. Nip adjusting device: adjustable, by motor ,composed of hand wheel, worm, worm bar, dial;

4.7. Frame and cover: frame material is cast iron, cast steel after annealing treatment for cover material;

4.8. Base plate: base adopts an integral type welded structure, annealing treatment;

4.9. Stock guider: It has different  types, manully, hyraulicly.

4.10.The main motor drive the front and back rollers rotate face to face in opposite direction through two universal couplings;

The main motor is a three-phase asynchronous motor; reducer adopts hard gear reducer, double out shaft type, and is equipped with independent lubrication system, lubrication system is consisted of the oil pump, oil cooler, indicator and pipelines, each lubrication point is installed with the oil into indicator.

4.11.Perfect emergency stop device can ensure the safety of person and of equipment.

4.12. Emergency stop and braking device: the braking, e is emergency stop button on the frame, when there is an emergency, roller forward rotation is not more than 1/6 circle, and has the reverse function.



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