21 inch Two roll mixing mill

21 inch Two roll mixing mill

Model No.︰XK-550

Brand Name︰Dalian Huahan

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 50000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

2.Technical specification
2.1. Transmission direction                         right hand
2.2. Front roller form:                                  bored roller
    back roller form:                                        bored roller

2.3. roller size of                                     Φ550 × 1530mm
2.4. Front roller line speed                              28m/min
2.5. Roller speed ratio                                              1:1.2
2.6. Main motor rated power                              110kw

                    Rated speed                          980r/min

2.7.Nip adjusting device                               adjustable, by motor

               Motor power                              2.2kw×2

2.8The safty plate max. pressure              1100±100kN

2.9. Batch rubber capacity                      50-65kg (proportion 1.15)

2.10 Size                                           6352214×2250mm 

2.1Simple design framework and easy to operate.Start running as soon as connecting wore and pipeline without installation.

 2.2 There are a variety of speed and speed ratios available, which can satisfy most customers formula and processing requirements.

2.3 The frame, frame cap and base looking very nice are welded and treated by annealing for stress relieving.

 2.4 Roller: the material of the roller is cold hard alloy cast iron, the hardness of the cold hard layer on the surface of the roller can reach 70% 2HSD, the depth of the cold hard layer is 10-20mm, the wear resistance and the service life are long;

2.2 Roller bearing and seal: with rolling bearing, the power can be saved by 5-8%. The two ends of the bearing sealed by a frameless oil seal, the sealing structure with special design can eliminate the leaking phenomenon the lubricating oil ;

2.3 Roller bearing lubrication: glycerin lubrication or thin oil lubrication can be used;

2.4 The speed reducer is the hard-tooth surface gear of class 6 precision which has long service life and low noise.

2.5 Distance adjusting device: it can be electric distance adjustment, manual distance adjustment or hydraulic distance adjustment.

2.6 Stock guide plate: fixed, or manually movable, or hydraulic mobile

 2.7 The perfect emergency stop device can ensure the safety of person and equipment

 2.8 The humanized operation height is designed, and the labor intensity of the operator is reduced.

2.9 The flexible and variable design system can meet the special design requirements of the customers in the shortest time.

2.10 The equipment is installed on a integral base, which facilitates package, transportation and installation.


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