18 inch Two roll mill

18 inch Two roll mill

Model No.︰XK-450

Brand Name︰HUAHRI

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


1.The machine is used for raw rubber plasticating and mixing, warm-up or sheeting of rubber. It is a general equipment in rubber industry.

2.Technical specification
2.1. Transmission direction                            user specified 
2.2. Front roller form:                                 hollow roller
    back roller form:                                 hollow roller

2.3. roller size of                                     Φ450 × 1200mm
2.4. Front roller line speed                              21.8m/min
2.5. Roller speed ratio                                 1:1.27
2.6. Main motor rated power                            55kW

       Rated speed             980r/min
2.7.Nip adjusting device                               adjustable, by hand

2.8The safty plate max. pressure                         700±100kN

2.9. Batch rubber capacity                              50kg (proportion 1.15)

2.10 Size                                           ~5000×1900×1830mm 

3. Structure description

3.1 Simple design framework and easy to operate.Start running as soon as connecting wire and pipeline

3.2 Rollers:they are made of chilled alloy cast, the surface hardness is HS70±2.Chilled thickness 8-15mm.

3.3The roller bearing is rolling bearing,Can save power 5-8%, bearing end use grease lubricating.Bearing ends seal  use no skeleton  seal,

3.4Roller bearing lubrication: grease lubrication, equipped with manual or motor driving grease pump;

3.5The speed redducer is the hard-toothed reducer of Class 6 precision,which has long service life and low noise.

3.6 Bearing seat: after annealing using cast steel, processed, and lubricating oil hole;

3.7. Nip adjusting device: adjustable, by motor ,composed of hand wheel, worm, worm bar, dial;

3.8. Frame and cover: frame material is cast iron, cast steel after annealing treatment for cover material;

3.9. Base plate: base adopts an integral type welded structure, annealing treatment;

3.10 Stock guider: It has different  types, manully, hyraulicly.

3.11. Driving system: the main motor through the shaft coupling, gear coupling, gear and machine speed roller relative operation;

3.12.Perfect emergency stop device can ensure the safety of person and of equipment.

3.13. Emergency stop and braking device: the braking, e is emergency stop button on the frame, when there is an emergency, roller forward rotation is not more than 1/6 circle, and has the reverse function.



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